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As you know, Canada’s healthcare system is overburdened and underfunded. People are forced to wait months to see a specialist or to begin medical treatments for cancer, heart surgery, or hip replacements etc.

This new insurance product is designed to provide prompt access to the best medical services in North America, in the event of any illness or injury with a treatment wait time in Canada. It offers lifetime payments of up to USD $5 million for each insured for all medical costs and business class travel from diagnosis through treatment and recovery. Attached below is a brochure with more details on this innovative new product.

With this product, you receive a rapid 2nd opinion by Cleveland Clinic Canada, no-wait access to treatment, and a personal case coordinator to navigate you through diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Their full concierge services start at the initial diagnosis and include the search to find you the best and fastest treatment. Appointments and business class travel for you and your companion, hotels, cash allowances, as well as all medical related costs and follow-ups are arranged. You will have access to centers of excellence like the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins and others -- without waiting. Even better, it is not a reimbursement policy and providers get paid directly.

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